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Week 1: The Publisher's Mindset
Week 2: Choosing Highly Profitable Niches
Week 3: The Anatomy Of Best Selling Books and How To Create Them 
Week 4: Blowing Up Your Reader Base

Week 5: 33 Day To Best Sellers List's Book Launches
Week 6: Amazon Ads: The MasterClass
Week 7: Income Producing Audiobooks
Week 8: $100,000 in Profits and Above 

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"....I remember I was working too many hours from Mondays to Saturdays, and I didn’t have too much time....That’s when I found Emeka’s course. I followed it step by step because it's very easy to follow. This course has literally changed my life, and I can say now that I am financially free
and I am a digital entrepreneur."


"This is the only course – I’ve probably purchased a billion courses out there. But this is the only course that turned information into 
money for me with self-publishing.
....the community is great, Emeka is in the community’s Facebook Group. And like I’ve said before and probably a multiple times now, this is the only course that is helping me make money in my publishing business."


 "I never give testimonials but in this case I think Emeka deserves it. He's created a good course that covers all the bases. Its something you do need to get if you want to be successful with kindle (self) publishing.... 
...You need to have access to the course so you can get help when you need a question answered. And if you want more information, Emeka can coach you on coaching calls and so on. Emeka is successful in this, and you need to find people that are already doing it. He is one of the few people who are really serious about this, and is really adding value to this space."


"Last month, I made $22,000...
....I haven’t even felt any need to go to any other publishing course. All the information that he has is always up to date. And the best part is his community that is filled with multiple $10,000 per month earners including myself and other people I look up to."


I’ve been a student of Emeka’s from before he launched his very first course. I found some of his videos on YouTube, they were inspiring, entertaining, and also contained some practical, easy to implement information. Based on all of these, when he launched his first course, My Self Publishing Blueprint, it was a no-brainer.
I invested in the course, and in the very first three months after making that investment, I launched four books. Those four books, in those three months had more than quadrupled my initial investment.
Now the breakthrough for me was the real world, practical, easy-to-implement steps with the support of the members on the group. And these two factors assisted me to get to what I considered a breakthrough point in my publishing business. And since then, I’ve gone on to far exceed my financial expectations.


 "....I’ve learnt to do things from keyword research, building email lists and copywriting... Emeka is very active in the community and that community is fantastic; you can ask any questions that you need. And besides, Emeka is always very engaging and always answering questions. In fact, Emeka at times asks questions himself, and I absolutely love that because that shows to me that Emeka himself is publishing, and is still learning. We can all learn together, and that will help us know the best practices when it comes to self-publishing.

Stop dreaming and start publishing! 
My Self Publishing Blueprint 
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"It’s giving me the confidence to know that I can do what I need to do to make the extra money and that’s what your courses have allowed me to do. I’m so excited and thankful that you are committed to updating the material and relay to helping people to conquer some of the setbacks and overcome some of the obstacles they have. I know that I have been able to do that and I really appreciated it. I just want to share with you what your work has able me to do, and I’m so excited about the new version of the course that you are coming out with, you always keep your staff updated and I’m really appreciate it. Thanks so much, me and my daughter really appreciate it."


"My Self Publishing Blueprint is a great program....It can definitely take you from where you are to making a few hundred bucks a month to thousands a month with Kindle Publishing."


"A Couple of months ago, I had started the course and with the right guidance and knowledge which I received, I was able to successfully publish three books which are now earning me a decent income. So, if you are really serious about achieve financial independence through Amazon KDP then I highly recommend you enroll for this course."


"I’ve been part of the course for over three years and, now I can easily say that it’s the best course out there. You can make a lot of money with passive income. Emeka’s going to teach you how to monetize books, how to launch them into Amazon and how to create a brand. The community is amazing in the course as well. There’re tons of students who are making a lot of money and we all keep each other motivated and we all learn from each other. Emeka is a great mentor and the community is always growing."


I am so confident that My Self Publishing Blueprint will help you make your first $1000, $5000 or even $10,000  with Kindle publishing Faster Than Any Other Course Out There...
I Put My 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Behind It

Yes, You Read That Correctly!

If for any reason you aren’t 100% SATISFIED with My Self Publishing Blueprint and the results you see... Simply follow the instructions in the guarantee and request a refund within 60 days of your purchase and 
I'll give you your money back.


As soon as you complete your purchase you'll be sent an email with your login details for immediate access to My Self Publishing Blueprint so you can jump-start your Kindle Publishing business today! 

I Can't Wait To Meet YOU Inside! 


  • Can I Make More Than $1000?
  • ​YES! My Self Publishing Blueprint is designed to specifically help people make their first $1000 but the principles and lessons apply for people who want to make their first $5000 or even $10,000 as well.  
  •  How Long Does It Take To Make My First $1000? 
  • ​This question all depends on how many books you can put out and how profitable your keywords are. I (Emeka) took 4 months and 4 books to hit my first $1000. I have worked with students who have hit it in their first month and others that take their time. Inside the course I talk about how to set your first $1000 month goal and do my best to help you hit it as fast as possible. 
  • How Does This Course Compare To Other Kindle Courses? 
  • ​My Self Publishing Blueprint is not like any other course available for Kindle Publishing. This course is made up of the best practices and most effective methods for its students to hit their first $1000 month as fast as possible. Everything inside the course is geared towards accomplishing this goal, that is what makes it so effective.  
  • I have More Questions, Can I Ask You Those? 
  • ​Yes of course. I pride on making myself available to my students and my future students. If you have more questions regarding the course please email me directly at Since I do answer all these questions personally please give me 1 to 2 days to respond. 
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